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 China hydraulic pneumatic sealing element industrial association secondary directors (enlargement) 6th meeting
Release date:2010/10/18 13:33:37   Visited:2983

PTC ASIA Exhibition at the fifteenth session of the eve of the opening of China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association in order to seriously implement the State Council, "the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan," according to Association for the sixth time the objectives set by the Council, will be 10 in 2010 24 Ramada Plaza Pudong in Shanghai Jinbo Hotel Association held the second director of the sixth (enlarged) meeting, industry associations from the sixth member of the Council units responsible comrades of the Sixth Committee of Experts Council members and the professional Branch Secretary-General, and to be in 2010 hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing industry representatives and Technology Progress Award winning units, nearly 200 people will attend the industry event.

Main Topics: report China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association since the sixth session of the work of a director, industry analysis liquid tight economic situation, the deployment of next focus of the industry; introduce "pneumatic hydraulic fluid sealing industry 'second five' plan "The point; consideration of the relevant motion; Chinese Academy of Engineering, together experts in machine technology trends as related to hydraulic and mechanical analysis of industrial economic operation in 2010, 2011, industry forecasts and other special reports; awarded the Sixth Committee of Experts Association letter of appointment; awarded the "Industry and Technology Progress Award in 2010" and visit the 2010 PTC ASIA Exhibition Organization.
The summit will provide the industry sector to achieve "well-designed, lean manufacturing, quality support, sincere service, fine industry, sake of the general," the goal of laying a solid foundation.
"Hydraulic pneumatic and sealing" Journal of the thirtieth anniversary of the forum
About to usher in the "hydraulic pneumatic and sealing" magazine on the eve of the thirtieth anniversary, the organizers of China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association will co magazine October 23, 2010 Golden Gulf Hotel in Shanghai, organized by "" and seal hydraulic and pneumatic "Journal of the thirtieth anniversary of the forum", there will be Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Machinery Industry Federation leadership, industry, business leaders, universities and industry experts, and the magazine over the years to give support and love of authors, readers and other industry hundred people attended the meeting.
"Hydraulic pneumatic and sealing" magazine editorial director honors from the Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang, magazine interest and concern has been the development of the magazine, wrote an inscription for the magazine on several occasions, message, published technical papers, magazine when he is about to usher in Getting the thirtieth anniversary of founding, the magazine is pleased inscription: HE hydraulic pneumatic and sealing magazine thirty Anniversary "promotion of technological innovation, promoting industrial upgrading" to inspire the Patriots and the magazine industry workers to fight.
"Learning from history, inspire the future", this will be the "hydraulic pneumatic and sealing" magazine was first held since the commemoration, it is the pneumatic hydraulic fluid sealing industry again, the historic industry event, will promote the industry technology magazine progress, and expand trade exchanges play a positive role of the media.
2010 cross-strait exchanges Fluid Power Industry Association
For the fluid power industry to promote cross-strait exchanges, and promote sincere cooperation with industry, business, China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association in conjunction with Taiwan Fluid Power Association will be held October 27, 2010 at the Ramada Plaza Shanghai Jin Bo held "2010 Channel Taiwan Fluid Power Industry Exchange Association ", the meeting was the industry's high degree of attention and support.
Main Topics: China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association, Taiwan Fluid Power Association Fluid Power industry are introduced the development of cross-strait situation; introduced "the history of China's air industry," write the outline, objectives and progress; cross-strait exchange of fluid power business corporate executives the development of the mainland; mainland representative fluid power industry cluster cluster building.
This is the cross-strait exchanges, a grand total of promoting development, the future of the industry will play a positive role in promoting progress, for the fluid power industry to build a good cross-strait interaction platform.

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