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NBC CO2 Arc Welder(Integrated structure)

Performance feature and application
■Specially for welding of thin and mid-thickness steel;
■Suitable for MAG/CO2 welding of low carbon steel and low alloy steel;
■Inner wire feeder structure;
■Work in high efficiency with good welding quality. no slag, opened arc and high visibility;
■Less deformation ensure welding appearance well.
Spec. Model NBC-200 NBC-250 NBC-315
Power voltage (V) 3~AC380 3~AC380 3~AC380
Frequency (Hz) 50 50 50
Open circuit voltage (V) 15~31 16~33 16~36
Rated output current (A) 200 250 315
Duty cycle (%) 35 35 60
Current adjust range (A) 50~200 50~250 60~315
Output voltage (V) 24 26.5 30
Dimensions (mm) 645x395x768 645x395x768 645x395x768
Weight (kg) 80 86 98
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