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DZN Energy Saving Secondary Electric Shock Protector for AC Arc Welder

This product is suitable for all specs of arc welding transformer (or electric welding machine or arc welder) with AC power 50 Hz,380V/220V(single phase) in voltage and the rated current below 630A.In order to avoid the accident of getting an electric shock due to the risk of secondary open circuit voltage, the open circuit voltage will fall to below 24V(safety voltage) automatically when the arc welder doesn work, while it begins to work, the voltage can come back to original data. In present marker, there are so many kinds of second time electric shock protector for arc welder, but they all have a common shortcoming ,that is they should be frequently assessed to confirmed whether they are working normally ,otherwise the risk of electric shock is still existing. The technicians of our company research and improve the technique for long time, they solved the disadvantage finally, and invite the DZN100 to 630 electric shock protector for arc welder.Following are their merits;when something goes wrong, the warning light will be on and alarming,so the workman can stop welding immediately and ensure their safety. The protector is measure up the standard of GB10235.

Secondary safety open
circuit voltage
Power saving Starting time Extension time Alarming with
sound and light
≤24V ≥75% ≤0.05S ≤1.0S ≤500Ω
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